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Hi! My company is currently migrating from Alcatel PBX system to vanilla Asterisk. 

Some of our employees have Windows Mobile 8.1 based phones. As you might know there is a common problem with running application in a background, so I'd decided to use your instruction for sending PUSH messages to certain windows phone.

However I made some alterations with your script and dialplan because dialplan you adviced to use sends incorrect URL to script. Now I am sending complete location string to script and then cutting it with sed. It looks like everything should work fine, script debug returns 

<code>HTTP/1.1 200 OK</code>




but the phone didn't recieves any push messages. 

I'd read about two different services providing PUSH messages: MPNS and WNS. However devices with windows 8.1 uses only WNS. Is it possible that zoiper app trying to send it with MPNS instead of WNS?

"Keep alive wi-fi" and  "Run under locked screen" options are enabled. Can you help me with this problem?

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Zoiper for Windows Phone supports WNS for the push notifications. The example for the push notifications should work just fine, but if any significant changes are made, some things may not work as expected.

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The provided push.sh script is not correct. There are some on the internet, though.

Could you please provide a new version of the push.sh?


One more thing:

Since WNS docu sais "Avoid URI length restrictions since the length of the URI used has increased to over 200 characters", Asterisk will fail to Dial(...). An error occurs, either "The To Header..." or "failed to extend from ..."

The only way to fix this is to edit the chan_sip.c and increase Array sizes and compile Asterisk yourself
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