CPU utilization in idle

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I want buy zoiper, but this problem stopped me

In idle(no calls) zoiper use 2-3% cpu, why?

problem in zoiper 3 and 5
asked Jul 30, 2018 in Linux by wkg (120 points)  


The CPU usage is a very objective thing and can vary by many different factors. For me, for example on Core i5 4460, the CPU usage is 0%, while Zoiper5 is idling. But if you have a very weak processor, it might be slightly more. As overall, Zoiper is pretty lightweight.

I know it, but Core i7-4510U... In linux... 3-4% idle

Linphone - 0% idle, but sound - bad...

I'll provide this feedback to our QA team, so they can test a bit on Linux.

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