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I want to set my registered SIP accounts to DND, when I leave my desktop. E.g. when the screen saver is started or the desktop is locked. Is there a way to automate the setting of the status?

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Zoiper has an "Auto-reject calls" option on specific status. For example you set your status as "out for lunch " and Zoiper will reject all inocomming calls. This option can be found under Zoiper -> Settings -> Automation. You need to enable "Auto reject calls if status is set to" and then select the desired status.

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Yes. But that still needs me to select my status. The idea is, that if the scrensaver starts, it automatically sets the status to away.

The "away" status should be set automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity, I believe.

I can't see that it's set automatically. Zoiper stays on "active"

If there's any mouse movement, the status will not be set.

And will removed when I move the mouse to unlock the system?

Indeed, moving the mouse will remove the away status.

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