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6 weeks ago I connected my Epygi PBX WAN port directly to my ISP device, to start using the zoiper service. 

I configured my SIP extension on the PBX to Other.

I entered the Public IP of the ISP device into the host address field of my Zoiper android application and added :5060 at the end.  e.g. xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:5060

This worked well for the first few weeks. However, in the last 3 weeks every night registration fails (408). 

In the morning, I would reset my ISP device, a new Public IP would be assigned and then I would enter the new Public IP into the host field of my Zoiper application and it will work instantly for another 12hrs. The next morning I would repeat this process again and again for a temporary fix.

My boss is using premium zoiper services and we all experience the same problem at the same time.

What is required to keep my service running continuously?

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Your phone might be putting Zoiper to sleep after some time. I can suggest that for "Background Mode" you select "Use Constant Wake Lock".  This option can be found under the "Connectivity" menu in Zoiper for Android. 

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