Zoiper beta: missed call sign remains after a call back

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  1. Turn on every integration in Zoiper beta (call log, dialer, etc.)
  2. Receive a missed call on your phone
  3. Open the call log in Zoiper in the History tab
  4. Click on the most recent missed call to call it back and finish the call after it has been established.
  5. Notice that the missed call sign is still there as you were not calling the person back.
asked Jul 30, 2018 in Android by akiaki (400 points)  


Which version of Zoiper for Android you are using ?

It's ZoiperBeta 2.4.3

Can you install the latest Zoiper Beta and check if the same behaviour would persist ?

What is the phone brand and model ?

I installed the latest one, 2.5.30 and it's reproducible with that one, too. It's a Sony F5121 (Xperia X). The "Phone" application has the version number of 3.00.00. Android: 8.0.0.

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