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Does Zoiper on Android expose any Intent that can be sent from another app to cause it to gracefully exit. after deregistering from all accounts?

I would like to have Zoiper automatically start when I'm out, and automatically exit when I'm back at my desk, where I have hardware SIP phones at hand to answer, and additional ringing from the cellular softphone (when I forget to manually exit) can be a nuisance.

The Android Tasker app is great for automating things like this, triggering based on Bluetooth pairing status, charge source connection or other defined events.  I can easily make it start Zoiper when I leave, if it's not already running, but haven't found any way to trigger Zoiper to Exit, short of maybe spoofing touchscreen clicks (open Hamburger menu -> Exit), which is problematic if the phone is locked or sleeping, and seems like an unreliable kludge anyway.

Having no luck so far with Intents, I also tried just killing the Zoiper app from Tasker through various methods, including some offered by the "taskkill" Tasker plugin that require root (I do have root on the phone), but although these work on most apps, for some reason none were effective at all in the case of Zoiper.

I'm running Zoiper 2.4.19 (Library rev 2.8.87-mod), with the Zoiper Gold paid upgrade, on a Motorola Moto G5 Plus (XT1687) under Android 7.0.

Any suggestions or insight would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance!

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Intents are in our to-do list, however I cannot tell when and if they will arrive.


Maybe I am wrong, but what if you allow zoiper only via mobile network, when you get back to your workspace you are most likely connected to wifi with your phone and zoiper should not be able to communicate via wifi?



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