Feature request: stop sending RTP or IAX audio when Muted

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I've noticed that when the Mute button is activated during a call, Zoiper continues transmitting (silent) audio frames at full rate, whether on a SIP/RTP connection or IAX2.

Would it be possible to instead have it pause sending the outgoing half of the media stream (or send only an occasional keepalive), in order to avoid unnecessary cellular-data use and/or reduce battery drain?

Most users probably don't use Mute often enough to care, but I'm often dialed into long-lasting conference bridges where I only rarely need to talk, or sometimes an outgoing-only line, such as a phone bridge onto a radio broadcast.

I've noticed that some SIP hard-phones do drop to one-way-audio when muted, so it's definitely possible, but maybe a settings toggle would be best, in case this causes trouble with certain VoIP services.

Thanks for considering this. Zoiper seems almost perfect otherwise.

asked Aug 2 in Android by packetrat (510 points)  

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Thank you for your improvement request. I believe that you want the media state changed to "receiveonly", when you mute the call. I have escalated this internally to our development team. But note that even in this state, packages will always flow.
answered Aug 2 by Tsetso.Zdravkov (21,300 points)  
selected Aug 2 by packetrat
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