Is it possible to disable Push Proxy for good?

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Push Proxy does not seem to work with my provider ( and in fact prevents me from making as well as receiving calls, giving message "unauthorized". There is a checkbox to disable Push Proxy in settings, but it re-enables itself on restart, and after a while of being idle, making it impossible to use my phone as a SIP phone. I wonder if it is because I subscribed to the service, but since there is no way to unsubscribe immediately, I cannot check if this would make the kill stay.

Anyone else with this issue?

asked Aug 8, 2018 in Android by morciej (300 points)  


Subscriptions management is not handled by us. Please refer to Google documentation:

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I meant to say "without unsubscribing". The temporary solution is actually to use Zoiper Beta, as this bug was already corrected there. Thanks to Support for suggesting it for a solution.

answered Aug 9, 2018 by morciej (300 points)  

We indeed had such issue, which is corrected in the latest Beta. 

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

I am happy to report that Push Proxy works with Zoiper. The settings that work are:

At Settings >> Connectivity.

- Check/Enable the "Enable PUSH Proxy" option.
- Set "Proxy Protocols" to SIP+RTP. 
- Set "Push Transport" to TCP.

At Settings >> Accounts >> Account >> Authentication User.

- Set the same account (Main or Sub-account) you're using for the registration.

And at Settings >> Accounts >> Account >> Network Settings.

- Set "Transport Type" to TCP.

Kudos to support for sending me these settings.

I suscribed to the Push service, I'm trying to reach my Asterisk Box, but when I dial i get "Unauthorized". 

Not sure where the problem is. Can you please advise the process to get this up and working. I have the 7 day trial and if I can't get this working I'll cancel. 


Ricardo Malla


If you receive "Unauthorized" error when you try to dial with the push enabled, those errors are returned by the Asterisk, as I understand you have access to it. Could you check what is the reason for the refusal of the call ? 

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