Is it possible to disable Push Proxy for good?

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Push Proxy does not seem to work with my provider ( and in fact prevents me from making as well as receiving calls, giving message "unauthorized". There is a checkbox to disable Push Proxy in settings, but it re-enables itself on restart, and after a while of being idle, making it impossible to use my phone as a SIP phone. I wonder if it is because I subscribed to the service, but since there is no way to unsubscribe immediately, I cannot check if this would make the kill stay.

Anyone else with this issue?

asked Aug 8 in Android by morciej (200 points)  


Subscriptions management is not handled by us. Please refer to Google documentation:

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I meant to say "without unsubscribing". The temporary solution is actually to use Zoiper Beta, as this bug was already corrected there. Thanks to Support for suggesting it for a solution.

answered Aug 9 by morciej (200 points)  

We indeed had such issue, which is corrected in the latest Beta. 

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

I am happy to report that Push Proxy works with Zoiper. The settings that work are:

At Settings >> Connectivity.

- Check/Enable the "Enable PUSH Proxy" option.
- Set "Proxy Protocols" to SIP+RTP. 
- Set "Push Transport" to TCP.

At Settings >> Accounts >> Account >> Authentication User.

- Set the same account (Main or Sub-account) you're using for the registration.

And at Settings >> Accounts >> Account >> Network Settings.

- Set "Transport Type" to TCP.

Kudos to support for sending me these settings.

I suscribed to the Push service, I'm trying to reach my Asterisk Box, but when I dial i get "Unauthorized". 

Not sure where the problem is. Can you please advise the process to get this up and working. I have the 7 day trial and if I can't get this working I'll cancel. 


Ricardo Malla


If you receive "Unauthorized" error when you try to dial with the push enabled, those errors are returned by the Asterisk, as I understand you have access to it. Could you check what is the reason for the refusal of the call ? 

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