Zoiper Pro - push service for life long time?

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thanks for adding the push service to the Zoiper Pro. Can you add the possibility to buy this feature as a lifelong licence, not as monthly or annual charge?

It is OK for me, when you develop a solution for problems caused by new versions of Android and/or some devices and you want money for this, but why only as monthly or yearly subscription?

In my case is a lifelong licence even better for you, because I use Zoiper only abroad during vacation in non-EU-countries (with local SIM-card), when roaming is too expensive, for one or two weeks every 1 or 2 years. When I stay at home, I use Zoiper for expensive international calls (non-EU-countries), but in this case I just make a call and don’t need to waiting / listening for incoming calls. So I will pay maximal one monthly rate in one year and you get from me the annual payment (in total) maybe after 12 years... It is nothing about the money, it is something about the rules - I just want to buy this feature once :)


asked Aug 23, 2018 in Android by zenozo (140 points)  

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