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Is there a way to avoid Zoiper showing missed call if the reason of the missed call is Call completed elsewhere .

In practice we have users that use Zoiper, but there are in a group, if the call is answer from someone else, Zoiper will always show the missed call and it's not a usefull information, and generate a lot of miss call .


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The RFC does not explicitly say how the "answered elsewhere" should be handled, thus due to requests by our users, we have left it showing the call as - missed. However, since the release of Zoiper5 we plant to change it and explicitly note the reason. Unfortunately I cannot tell when the change will be implemented and released.

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Hi. We are also facing the same issue. We have 3 people who receive incoming call simultaneously. However, when anyone answers, another 2 receives missed call alert and then they call back creating confusion.

Is there any estimated time, when this feature will be released?

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