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I have been using Zoiper on my MacBook Pro with much joy. Everthing worked like a charm, there was only one issue - the quality of my built-in microphone of my Macbook. Horrible quality. 

So, after trying to buy several cheap line-in microphones, I learned that those need an amplifier between the mic and my macbook. 

Now, I was not a fan of such a set up and its hassle and decided to go for a Jabra Evolve 20 headset. 

Seemed to be working fine. Installed the Jabra software and when I came home and plugged it in, it was instantly recognized by my Mac and the software. 

But, upon opening Zoiper - nothing. No Jabra to be seen - anywhere. 

After a restart, there was the Jabra. But. when trying to make a call - the call doesn't even start. 

I've been playing around with all possible settings and it all comes down to the fact that the Jabra and Zoiper refuse to work together. 

Now, I have bought Zoiper pro - still, nothing. 

I am so lost. All I want is to continue using Zoiper with a proper microphone. 

Anyone, please, please help me. I know this must work. Its 2018, what can go wrong with a plug and play USB mic/headset?!

I don't even want the buttons to work, I just want my clients to enjoy my proper voice and not some Macbook built in mic. 

Please help me, this must be solvable :-(!!!

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