Zoiper beta: Closing window means losing call controls

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  1. Initiate a call with Zoiper beta
  2. During the call close its window with Android "window/task manager" (with a swipe)
  3. Now try to put the call on speaker or just try to hang it up.

Since the call is not displayed on the status bar (as it's the case with regular phone calls) it's not possible to get back to the phone controls. Hanging up the call is only possible by force-closing the application from Settings.

Android version: 8.0.0
Zoiper: 2.5.34
asked Sep 18, 2018 in Android by akiaki (400 points)  


You should see the active call in the notification centre. When you tap on it, you should be presented with the call controls.

Hmm, unfortunately I don't see the active call at all in the notification centre (Android 8.0.0, Sony Xperia X). Moreover the music gets muted when I initiate a call from the stock caller application but not when I make a call with Zoiper.

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