Can a bluetooth headset be paired with Zoiper?

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asked Sep 27, 2018 in General by Mister K (130 points)  


It depends on which operating system you are trying to use the headset. But in all cases, buttons for answer or hanging calls on the Bluetooth headset will not work.

Thanks for that response. I have Linux 18.04 LTS and am hooked up to a Vici dialer. The calls are answered automatically and terminated through the dialer.  I don't need the buttons to work, but I do need the BT function.  Has anyone tried using a BT with Linux 18.04?  Thanks again!

If the headset is paired with your computer running Ubuntu, you can use it in other applications and the PulseAudio is recognizing it properly, then it should also work with Zoiper. Zoiper 5 uses the PulseAudio sub-system for the audio devices.

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