Incoming calls no longer showing caller name - coming in through Iphone

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Hi all

Until a few days ago, when I received an incoming call through zopier, the caller name would appear if I already had it in my phone book. 

Since today however, the calls come through the same interface as a normal call would come through (as in I can swipe right to answer the call), but the caller name never shows up. After the call however, if I go to my zoiper calls list, the name appears. 

This is very frustrating as I can't see who is calling me. 

I've tried many changes, such as push notifications, changing notification settings but no luck.

Is there a way to stop the incoming calls coming through the Iphone interface, so that I can see who is calling and I have to go to the zopier app to answer it. It's as if the iphone and zopier have merged somehow but are unable to show the caller ID

Thanks in advance for any help!


asked Oct 30, 2018 in iOS by Edcheetham88 (120 points)  


I believe this issue should have been resolved with the latest Zoiper for iOS update.

Hi, I'm using Zoiper 3.21.1 on iPhone 5s with iOS 12.1.4 and the issue is still present.

Here are some screenshots:

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