Beeping after answering a call

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After answering a call with the handset or with the desktop app, I get a repetitive series of beeps during the entire call.  Anything I can do to stop that?

asked Oct 22, 2018 in Windows by aimit (130 points)  


If this happens on Windows and you have a USB headset. Try going to Zoiper -> Settings -> Audio, there you will see a few "HID" options(Jabra, Plantronics, Generic and etc.). Disable all of them. Restart Zoiper and see if the issue would reappear. 

Tsetso's advice worked, though now the headphones don't beep when I get the incoming call.  It would be nice if they beeped when a call was ringing in, and then stopped beeping when I answered.  As it is, I get no audio notification of an incoming call, or I get beeping all through the call (which the caller can also hear, though not as loud).

(I'm using Plantronics Savi 7xx)

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