Phone ring for an infinite time

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I have v2.6.31 with push notification. My line have a ring group to my home phone and my cell phone with zoiper. I have received a call today and i answered it with my home phone but my cell phone havent stopped ringing for minutes. I ended my call and the zoiper was still ringing. I had to tell zoiper to hang out the phone to make it stop.

At first, i thought it could be a bug with the ring group of but i remember that i tried in the past to call me on my zoiper phone only (no ring group) just to see if it ring. I hangup the phone without answering on zoiper and i noticed the same problem. The phone continue to ring until and tell him to stop.

asked Oct 30, 2018 in Android by skoub (240 points)  


This issue is usually NAT related. If you are not using the PUSH service, you can try this guide:

Otherwise, you can try the PUSH trial and set the PUSH transport to TLS and the protocols to SIP+RTP. This should eventually workaround such issues.

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