Zoiper3 works better than Zoiper5

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Actually it's not a question.

It's that I want to help people who use Linux and Zoiper.

I had a hard time trying to make my OVH VOIP service work and I tried many soft-phones.

Zoiper3 works. It uses pulseaudio correctly. I have PulseAudio Equalizer installed because I'm hearing impaired.

Zoiper5 doesn't use pulseaudio correctly.

You find Zoiper3 here: https://www.zoiper.com/en/voip-softphone/download/classic#

The file is Zoiper_3.3_Linux_Free_32Bit_64Bit.tar.gz

I have STUN enabled and the server is stun.zoiper.com, even though the SIP server is sip4.ovh.fr.

asked Oct 30 in Linux by esantanche (120 points)  

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