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Presence & Public presence are on

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Can you tell us what is going wrong ? Are you receiving error messages ?

What version of Zoiper are you using ?

The instant messaging should work, i wonder if maybe the Elastix is getting confused because of the typing notifications.

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The error is:

Sending message failed: Mensaje de prueba (cause: Opción o servicio no implementados, sin especificar)


Zoiper version is:

Zoiper Biz 3.3.21937 32 bit

Revisión librería: 21903


We use Jitsi 2.9 and x-lite 3.0 too, and work fine

Can you give it a try with the android or iOS version of Zoiper ?

I believe the issue happens because elastix does not support something do we (typing notifications). the android and ios version do not have such functionality, so if those work the typing notifications will be likely culprit.

Zoiper is run in Mac OS 10.10.4 (Yosemite), just as Jitsi. Other softphone x-lite is run in Windows 7. Asterisk service monitoring (in Elastix server)  is that you do not get messages from Zoiper

We do not have a way to disable typing notifications, so you cannot try without. But on android we do not have typing notification functionality so the server cannot freak out about it. That's why i am asking to try on ios or android. To try it in windows we would need to spend a lot of time to make a special debug build for you.

I installed zoiper premium on iOS and instant messaging works fine. I need to work on Mac OS zoiper

I will report it to the developers so that we can fix this in the next build.

I could solve the problem, you had to enter the IP Elastix in outbound options proxy. Why?... i don't know !!!

Reviewing the problems again, I find that the error occurs when the text message is sent with the ENTER key, but it works if sent by pressing the SEND tab. You may be correct?

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