Contacts handling in Zoiper on macOS has major foundational issues affecting usability. Suggested improvements

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I consider the following foundational issues major design flaws seriously effecting usability:

  1. Exporting of locally created or imported (and edited) contacts is not possible
  2. Importing Contacts is a one-way street, as contacts modified in Zoiper cannot be exported
  3. Contacts external to Zoiper (macOS Contacts, Google Contacts) cannot be edited
  4. As external contacts cannot be edited, they cannot be placed as Favorites
  5. Unpredictable behavior when clicking Call on a Contact: If the contact has multiple phone numbers it will display a selection menu, but if the contact has only one phone number, it will be called immediately. Yet the Zoiper Contacts list provides no indication, if multiple phone numbers are present, as only one phone number is displayed (in almost unreadable light gray).
  6. External contacts may have a Contact name as well as a Company name, but only the contact name is shown. Company names are not shown in any view, except when clicking Edit. I expect to see the company name as well.
  7. External contacts which only have a Company name are hidden, if "Hide Contacts without name" is selected. Zoiper should only hide contacts which have neither company name, nor first name or last name.
  8. External contacts do not have a contact image (avatar).

Suggested improvements:
  • Allow external contacts to be edited (syncing back to the source) - this would take care of most of the other issues
  • Allow internal contacts to be exported
  • Give an indication in the Contacts list, that a contact has multiple phone numbers or always dial the number which is displayed in the contacts list (skipping the menu).
  • Display Company name (when present) along Contact name
  • Zoiper should only hide contacts which have neither company name, nor first name or last name, when selecting "Hide Contacts without name"

Please up-vote this request, if you would like to see improvements to the contacts handling in Zoiper!
asked Nov 19, 2018 in Windows by chriswayg (170 points)  

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