In Desktop and Click2Dial Chrome plugin I need to Add prefix 1 to my calls automatically

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I'm in the US, and I need to prefix a 1 to the call for these two cases:

  1. Many of my contacts coming out of my CRM do not have a 1 prefix on the phone number.  I do not want to go through my entire CRM and update the phone numbers.
  2. Most all numbers that show up in emails (from other sources, like customers) do not have a 1 or 01 in front of them.  This makes click2dial useless about 98% of the time because if I click on the number it a) won't go through, and b) there's no easy way of editing it anyway.

Ideally there would be a feature/rule in Zoiper where I could just add a one if the first number was not a zero or one.
asked Dec 7, 2018 in Windows by KDPS (130 points)  

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