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Hi Guys,

We have someone with the Zoiper premium app on android, but she cannot see the option to transfer calls unlike the other users who can, is this a bug were the app thinks its the lite version she does have a confirmation of pament for the zoiper premium, is there a way to fix this

asked 6 days ago in Android by ConorGarry (120 points)  


To make an attended transfer, while you are in a call, tap the 3 dots menu on the top right and select "Add call". A new screen will appear. You can type the second number in the search field or look for one in your list or press the dialpad and dial the second number manually.

 The first call will be automatically put on hold. After you are finished talking on the second line, press the 3 dots again and select "Transfer call".

Unattended transfer is similar but instead adding the second call with "Add call", directly click on "Transfer call" and type the number you would like to transfer the call to.

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