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I use a PBX server to add some information to the caller ID string so I know where people come from when they call. I include for example which number they called to reach me, which keys they pressed in auto-attendant, etc.

So when a call is coming I see something like "John Smith - Called 1234, Pressed 3,5". This works fine.

The problem is that as soon as the call is missed, the only information left about the call is the number, no caller-id string whatsoever.

How can I display this?


PS: additionally it seems that the string is truncated to only 4 characters when the call comes in. e.g. "JOHN..."
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When you are in the history, on the right Zoiper panel you will see the missed call, click on it to expand it. There you should see more detailed information.

Sure, there's all sorts of rather useless information (bandwidth, etc.) but nothing from the caller name id string. This is simply gone.

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