When PUSH is enabled my Android Zoiper can't register

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I have used Zoiper PUSH service since Oct.1st,18 and haven't had any problems. Since today's update (to ver. 2.7.8) my Zoiper can't register when PUSH service is enabled. When disabled it registers. I talked with me provider(voip.ms) - they haven't done any changes.


asked Dec 18, 2018 in Android by Ludmil (190 points)  

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We had a temporary issues with the PUSH service, which should be now resolved.

I can suggest that you try registering your account again.

answered Dec 18, 2018 by Tsetso.Zdravkov (33,510 points)  

I also use voip.ms.  I was using push.  Mine stopped working days ago.  I can't register any account push or no push.  A new install failed on my son's Android.  

You PUSHED a bad update and you didn't warn us.  I wasted a lot of time trying to get your product to work when it would not.  

Your competitor's products worked great.  

Now I have to decide do I abandon you on my Android and pay a competitor.  

I paid for the push proxy as well.  I also paid for more features.  

What did I get?

We did not push out a bad update, we had problems with our push proxy and the problem has been resolved as soon as we discovered it.

The issue only affected users using push, if you are or were unable to register with push disabled indicates you are experiencing another problem.

Error 408 means there was no reaction received from the server. (because the server did not send it, the server sent it to the wrong location, or something stopped it from arriving on the phone (firewall, router with sip alg etc).

Thanks...that's good to know but you had to inform the users about the problems. I spent my weekend working with voip.ms support to trace the SIP server. The problem was that the PUSH server forwards not correct username/pass to the SIP server. 

I have a question regarding the PUSH architecture. Obviously the PUSH server registers on corresponding SIP server (at least your IP is there)...does it mean that when I get 408 error it is actually SIP server not responding to the PUSH server. Second, in case of call does the voice session go through the PUSH server as well or it is directly my Zoiper - SIP server?


The PUSH server itself does not register your SIP account, it is only forwarding the signalling part.

You can find detailed information regarding how the PUSH service works here: https://www.zoiper.com/en/support/home/article/205/Zoiper_Push_Proxy

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