Where does Zoiper for Androis store recorded phone calls?

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I have enabled call recording on Zoiper for Android. Unfortunately, the folder /storage/emulated/0/zoiper/ does not exist. I cannot find any call recordings on my storage. Are there possibly any requirements for call recording to work properly?

asked Feb 7, 2019 in Android by Maycra (120 points)  


You should check the permissions, verify in your phone settings if Zoiper is allowed access to the file storage of your phone.

Thanks, Tsetso, I already read it from the user musicmedia. That does the trick. However, actually Zoiper App should at some point ask the user for this permission and not just not work.

Zoiper asks for all permissions during the first launch, maybe you have missclicked... Anyway, I am glad to know that you have solved the issue. :)

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