Missing Dial tone when calling an external number

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Dear all,

first of all I love this APP!

I have a curious problem with our Zoiper Clients. When we call an external number, we don't get any dial tone until the called person pick up the call. When we call an internal number, it works as predicted.

Our Zoiper Clients are connected via IAX to our Asterisk PBX. I didn't found any entry regarding this issue, so I'm not sure if the problem was caused from our PBX or the Zoiper Client.

Normal fixed phones, which are connected via SIP to our PBX don't have this problem.

Any idea?

The problem happens with the Full and the LITE-Version of Zoiper.

Best regards,


asked Feb 5, 2019 in Mobile (iOS, Android, WP) by Andreas.ratzke (120 points)  

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