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I would like to know how to call / dial mobile or landline numbers via command prompt in Zoiper5. I've seen this thread: but it appears that the commands / parameters aren't working.

So far I've tried following..
I've opened the CMD as admin, gone to the Zoiper installation directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Zoiper5>) and ran this:

zoiper5.exe --dial=<TheNumber>
zoiper5.exe --dial <TheNumber>
zoiper5.exe [--dial <TheNumber>]

but none of it seems to be working. Am I doing something wrong?

"zoiper5.exe --help" does open a Zoiper5 help window where all the parameters are shown..

Your help would be appreciated!

asked Feb 5, 2019 in Windows by Gomo_DD (120 points)  

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