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Hi Everyone,

just bought some Zoiper Premium Clients to use our new lokal asterisk with it.

Our Asterisk needs a "0" as a prefix in order to call the outside world. Now there ist the option to rewrite international numbers, so anything like +49XX oder 0049XX, right?

I want the client to rewrite +49 to 00049, but can't seem to get it working.

Since every user has its contacts saved as +49 it is mendatory that this works as we need it to, otherwise it makes no sense to use this app at all.

I hope someone can help, maybe the stripping or rewriting accepts some kind of expressions.


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it seems there are several posts regarding this issue since quite a while none got answered.

I have been evaluating zoiper for our company but without a solution to convert + or / and dial a leading 0 to dial out, Zoiper makes no sense despite the quite appealing rest


You simply need to navigate to the number rewriting option under your SIP account settings in Zoiper, there set your country and under "Prefix for international calls" set "0" or "00" or "000" if you need to replace the "+" with "000". You can set custom number there depending on your needs.

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I have the same problem, only affects IOS not Android at all - we have to use 9 for outside line so I am selecting country in our case is UK (44) then change rewrite to 900 and this doesn't work. Like I said, exactly same setup on Android works perfectly fine

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