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Using Zoiper Free on Android. Works perfectly for audio only, but I purchased the video codec for videocalls and when I pick up the call with video the dialpad button disappears. Or when I pickup with audio only it works, but then add video, and the dialpad button disappears as well. I use it mainly to answer my doorphone, and need to send a code to open the door.

I tried other apps and they don't have this issue (but Zoiper seems to perform better for the rest)

Am I missing something ? Or is this different in the pro version ?


asked Feb 7 in Android by Styxbe (120 points)  

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Indeed, the dialpad is not available during video call. There is an internal case about that, however since this was "by design", I cannot tell if it will be changed.

answered Feb 7 by Tsetso.Zdravkov (25,800 points)  
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