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I'm using Zoiper Primium 2.7.12 on a Samsung SM-G960F ( Galaxy S9 ) Android version 8.0.0.

I'm using zoiper for my bussiness calls, incomming calls are directed to zoiper and when i'm busy with a zoiper call my voip server automaticly sets a second incoming zoiper call in a waiting queue.

However when i'm calling or get called with the native dialer on the phone i have an issue.

Zoiper is working fine with incomming and outgoing calls.

I understand that the native dialer on the phone has first priority for incomming calls, however when i have a native call, and a new call is coming with the zoiper app, this call is listed as a missed call. ( because i'm busy with the native call ) Make sense, Right?

There is no sound from the zoiper app that announces the incomming call, during the native call. There for my costumer is placed in a waiting queue, but without i'm getting noticed about the new call, the costumer hangs in the queue until he gives up. Or when i finish the native call. ( can be up to 15 minutes or maybe longer when in a conference call).

Is there an option in zoiper or in the phone, that can make a sound whenever the native line is busy, and a incomming zoiper call is comming, that makes a sound or beep that i know a costumer is trying to call in. 

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