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I use Zoiper in my iPhone SE, and it works very well. 

I have buy an AirPods and I don’t know how configure Zoiper to use it with the AirPods. Now I can call with the AirPods in a normal call (not using Zoiper), but if I call with Zoiper with my AirPods, Zoiper don’t connect with them, and I can’t hear Zoiper calls through the airpods. 

Please help me. Thanks!!

asked Feb 7, 2019 in Android by belador (120 points)  

This issue is currently known and there is an internal case about it. Unfortunately I cannot provide further information.

Thanks for your reply. 

I don’t understand when you say that is an “internal case”. Do you mean that anybody is working to solve the problem??

Thanks again 

Blue tooth conectivity with zoiper and iPhone seems to be an ongoing issue and has never been resolved for the last 6 years I used zoiper.

Pretty bad if you ask me!

Especially when you pay top money for this software.

Any PROPER updates would be higly appreciated.

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