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we have an Agfeo pbx with the tk suite software. With this software one can dial via cti for a hard phone. This works very well.

Using a zoiper this does not work. It seems that the pbx sends an sip refer to zoiper which does not get answered properly.

Does anyone have an idea on what to configure and where to ask? I can provide a debug log that contains a lot of information on this subject.

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I know this post is a few days old, but ist there a solution for your Problem? I'm struggeling with the same Problem!

If there is any solution, could you maybe post it here to make it work for everyone. This would be so nice!



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Hello, I have opened a support ticket for you in our system

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I've got the Same problem. Because i dont find an answer can you contact me too, to solve the problem?

@Mr Sperber, I've opened a support ticket for you.

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