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After doing an update and reinstalling Zoiper Classic 2.20 i found that my headset (Logitech H390 - USB) doesn't work with Zoiper, the system does recognize the headset and I can hear anything outside of Zoiper. I can make calls but i can't hear anything.

My current distribution is Centos 7 Release 3.10.0-957.5.1.el7.x86_64

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Zoiper Classic is very old software which requires direct ALSA access on Linux. It might be unable to access the ALSA driver properly on your distribution.

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Thanks for your response Tsetso. I actually had a conflict with alsa when I installed Zoiper

Don't remember the exact output, but it said something along the lines of: "alsa-lib [version].i686 conflicts with "alsa-lib [version].x86_64"

What I did was to update the x64 version of the package and then tried to install the i686 package again, which it did succesfully this time.

It let me install the package but now I have the problem with audio.

Is there any way to remove/reinstall the packages? Would you recommend doing it? Please feel free to add your recommendations, I'm lost at this point of the troubleshooting, I have reinstalled the system several times and tried to install Zoiper every time without success.

If you need it, I can specify the process that I used to install Zoiper Classic.

Let me know if there's any information/command output that could help you.

Would really aprecciate your help.

I've found a temporal solution to his by installing CentOS 6.10 on my system. Everything seems to go alright, but when i try to do it in CentOS 7 it just does not work.

Thinking it might be a compatibilty issue, but don't really know the cause.

Anyway, for the time being and for the purpose of that computer it doesn't matter  to have installed 6.10 instead of 7.

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For Centos7 I recommend migrate to Zoiper5 ! Recently I tested last release of both and works like a charm.

Or try (at least) Zoiper 3.3 in the last release (also works in Centos 6.9 - last release).

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