OpenSL ES driver stops working after a while

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On my Mi phone (Android / MUI) and when using the OpenSL ES PortAudio Host API audio driver, sounds stops for both incoming and outgoing calls after a while (a few hours I guess). The call itself is performed but neither the recipient nor me can hear anything.

It is fixed by going in the audio paraneeters -> Audio driver -> setting "External Java Driver" and immediately back to "OpenSL ES PortAudio Host API". Works for outgoing calls, but ovbiously not for incoming calls.

Has anyone had this problem? Any solution?

I'd be glad to try out things, provide log files, etc if needed.

asked Mar 24, 2019 in Android by Untel (120 points)  


Do you use a custom ROM or the Stock one ? Could you also clarify which version of Zoiper you are testing and what is the exact brand/ model and android version of your phone ?

I use the stock one. Info from "About phone":

Model number: Redmi Note 5

Android version: 8.1.0 - OPM1.171019.011

Android security patch level: 2019-03-01

MIUI version: NIUI Global 10.2 | Stable -

Model name: M1803E7SG

Kernel version: 4.4.78-perf+

Zoiper version: 2.7.12 (library revision: v2.9.2)

I've opened an internal case regarding this and have asked our QA team to make some testing. 

Ok, thanks. If there is some testing / log gathering I can do please ask. I'd really like this problem to be solved.

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