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New version of Zoiper (2.7.12) fails to register with "SIP/2.0 503 DNS Timeout" on my cellular network. Other applications work fine. Betas up until November worked fine as well.

If you need any more messages or debug logs, just tell me and I'll be happy to help you debugging this issue.

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We are currently investigating similar issue with exactly this version. Please wait for our next update with library 2.9.3 and let us know if it will resolve the issue. 

You can check the library version from the "About" section of Zoiper.

I updated to version 2.8.12 (with library version being only 2.9.2) and after a DNS 503 error I get a "Request Timeout (408)" error. Waiting for 2.9.3. If you need any logs, please tell me.

The last releases are still using the old library revisions. We hope to be able to provide release with the updated library soon. 

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