Setting up zoiper for messagebird

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I setup a SIP Trunk at Messagebird, but I keep getting "405 Method Not Allowed".

I'm using

Domain: <messagebirdaccount>

Username: <username setup in the ACL at messagebird>

Password: <password for the above user setup in the ACL at messagebird>

I followed this tutorial first:

Then the details for the connection are here:

I have a SIP Trunk domain setup, I have attached an ACL with my home IP and a username/password combination.

All of this isn't working yet (as I keep getting the "405 Method Not Allowed" response from Messagebird.

This is my first time trying out SIP/Messagebird/Zoiper, so any help or pointers are appreciated.

asked Mar 24, 2019 in General by jasperroel (120 points)  

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