How do I END a call? when the call screen has disappeared...

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Sometimes once a call gets started on my tablet, I can't seem to cut
it off (hang up the call)... because the call screen with the red 'end
call' button is nowhere to be found? How do I find the call screen, or
otherwise hang up the call?

asked Apr 12 in Android by JPHuie (120 points)  

On android if you have moved away from your call screen, to return, simply open the notification center of your device and tap on the currently activate call. This will return you and you will be able to hang the call.

For me no notification shows up at all during call; I think this is some kind of bug.

If you want to quickly end the call, you have to manually kill Zoiper. Long press the application icon on your launcher > Information > Force close the app.

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