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I just found that after I turned off and turned back on my iPhone, the ZoiPer could not start and register automatically. So, I could not receive call. As below link suggests: There is a key 'voip' indicates if this app is an VOIP client app, then it could be set to allow the IOS system to bring it on after started.

Is this true? Doesn't ZoiPer for IOS set it?



The app provides Voice-over-IP services. Apps with this key are automatically launched after system boot so that the app can reestablish VoIP services. Apps with this key are also allowed to play background audio.

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Zoiper should be automatically started in background on iOS after reboot of the device only if it was already started at the time of the reboot.

Otherwise for using Zoiper in background, it is best to use TCP or TLS transport (your VoIP provider must support these as well, or your account will not register), since UDP is not reliable on iOS. The changes of the transport type can be done from the Network Settings menu in the account configuration.

Make sure that you also have enabled all the notifications in the "Notifications" menu from the iOS Settings menu.

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It does not register automatically, even if it has had been started automatically before.

Mine is already set to TCP and has all notifications enabled.

Hello, currently there is no way to automatically register the account after the device is rebooted. Also the abilities provided by the iOS system for such functionalities are very limited. We are looking for possibilities, but right now we cannot provide more details on that matter.

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