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Unbelievably the help section on Zoiper only has help on version 3.

I have completely failed to sync Zoiper with my Mac contacts and have given up with support as they couldn't get it to work either, so I've been running blind for months now.

Finally I have the energy to do an old school csv import but there is no information whatsoever.

So, what fields can I use? Can I set a column for the Dial Account and the Prescence Account for each number? Anybody got any experience of this?

Perhaps a Zoiper employee could run up a help topic on this?

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Regarding the CSV's data, it should be comma separated and should contain at least one phone number per contact. You can map the columns during the importation process.
The presence however, cannot be mapped from the CSV. You would need to configure it later, manually.

I can suggest that you set the extensions for presence and chat as "ipPhone", this will make the chat work out of the box, and will help with the presence.

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