Voice menu response tones not working properly on Galaxy Tab A

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Using the phone keypad to respond to a  voice menu does not work properly on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A running Android 8.1.0. The version of Zoiper running is 2.8.15. I have Zoiper also on a Lenovo Tab 2 that works just fine. Both installs have the DTMF style set the same. The sites typically respond to the tone with a do not understand that response message. I believe it did respond correctly in the past since the Galaxy has been my default tablet for many months though not yet a year. (I.e have just started noticing this behavior in the last couple of weeks.)

asked May 24, 2019 in Android by jbg (120 points)  

The guide basically says what I already do, i.e. set the DTMF. It is set to RFC2833 which works for my lenovo so it's the correct setting for that carrier.

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