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I already read all of the Q&A's and found no working answer.

I am unable to run your example project "zoiper_sdk" because of the missing dll ZoiperAPI.

We've purchased Zoiper 3 Biz, I have installed it and also registred the COM server with /regserver (CMS as Admin), but the dll is nowhere to find.

We are planning to integrate the Zoiper API with our CRM.

Please help :)

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I have the same problem

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The API come as part of Zoiper executable (Zoiper.exe) as out-of-process COM server. As Zoiper usually comes with an installer the installer itself is responsible to register its COM object factory and type library in the Windows Registry.

This is the reason why there is no DLL which you can directly use.

You can find the API documentation here: https://www.zoiper.com/documentation/zoiper-com-api/v1.1/

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