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Incoming calls do not appear on the Zopier5 Pro app window. Calls eventually get diverted to other numbers setup as part of the divert feature.

Outgoing can be made through the pc app BUT drop off after about 4 minutes.

The BT Smart Hub 5 router is installed and SIP ALG is enabled.

Thank you

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It is very possible that your router (or firewall) has port time-out set on 240 seconds (~4 minutes). Thus, the calls are dropping. Additionally if you use torrents or have other computers on the network, could lead to lots of simultaneous connections leading to weaker routers starving for resources. For the router to free up some resources, it will start closing older connections. 

The first thing you should do is to disable SIP ALG. We have detailed description why you should do that, here: https://www.zoiper.com/en/support/home/article/72/calls_get_disconnected_after_30_seconds#windows

If this does not help, try to make manual port forwarding or check if you can reconfigure the port timeout.

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