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Steps to reproduce:

  1. In Preferences -> General tab, enter the address of an Outbound Proxy, while leaving the Use outbound proxy unchecked
  2. Start Wireshark
  3. Press the Register button in the Preferences -> General

  • Zoiper sends REGISTER requests to the Outbound proxy address

Expected result:
  • Zoiper should send REGISTER requests to the address in Domain only

Noticed this first on the Linux version of Zoiper. But since the Linux version is still on 3.3, I thought the issue could have been fixed on the latest Windows version, 3.9.32144. But it isn't.

Another thing I noticed in the Wireshark capture is that Zoiper is sending SUBSCRIBE requests to the registrar even when the Subscribe presence checkbox is unchecked. Should it?
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1 Answer

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Please open a ticket on support@zoiper.com

I believe something else is happening, the checkbox might not be getting saved for some reason. It is possible to use zoiper without outbound proxy, (i am using it without one).  Does it work properly after a restart ?

Disabling the subscribe for presence should work fine (i am using it sometimes when i want to make a packetcapture).

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Just tried on a different Windows machine using the latest Zoiper version (3.9.32144) and the same behaviour happens:

  • The only way I found to use Zoiper without an Outbound Proxy is to leave the field blank. So the Use outbound proxy check-box is useless. Restarting Zoiper doesn't make it work as expected.

  • Zoiper keeps sending SUBSCRIBE requests even though the Subscribe presence checkbox is unchecked


I see you have already contacted us by email, which opened a ticket in our RT system. My colleague have sent you some additional questions. Could you please update him with the needed information, so we could pass it to our QA team? Thank you in advance!

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