Is "constant wake lock" the same as "stay awake" setting in zoiper 5?

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In a faqs page on zoiper support about troubles receiving incoming calls, it recommends:

Open Zoiper -> go to settings -> Connectivity

Enable Keep Alive WiFi (unless you want to switch to 3g/4g when the wireless turns off).

Stay awake is on

Run in background is on

I have enabled "keep alive wifi" and "run in background" but there is no option for "stay awake". However there is an option "background mode"  which I have set to "use constant wake lock".  Is this the same thing as "stay awake"? 

asked Jul 24, 2019 in Android by Paco62 (140 points)  


Yes, it is pretty much the same, but more aggressive. It will use more battery, but in most cases will work better than the legacy method. For best results you should use the PUSH notifications.

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