Push Server is Unable To Connect To Home Registrar [...] 408

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Connecting to FreePBX 14 behind NAT. 

pt 5060, 10000:65535 UDP passed through and logged on firewall from and android device address

I'm seeing TCP connection attempts at the firewall from the zoiper ip range on varying high ports - what do I need to allow through the firewall and what do I need to configure on FreePBX/Asterisk for registration with the push server enabled to work correctly?

asked Jul 26 in Android by jonny_boy27 (120 points)  


If you see incoming connections over TCP, this means that your SIP account is probably set to use TCP as transport. As I understand from your post, you have opened the UDP ports only.

In this case try changing the SIP account transport to UDP or open the TCP ports on the firewall.  

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