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Hi There!

I have 2 phones (1 Nexus 4 with lollipop and a Samsung s5 mini).

I make a vpn with them, and connect to a private server. In Nexus 4, everything works fine but in S5 i make a call to a regular number and i cant hear any sound from it. In S5 i can hear what i say on the regular phone.

I made the exactly same configs in both cellphones and the Nexus 4 works fine but S5 don´t. I installed CSIPSimple (sip android app) and it works fine on S5.

What could be wrong?


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I'm not sure why the 2 phones would behave differently. 
Please make a call, click on the call statistics button and see if you are receiving packets.

Also make sure to disable stun in this case.
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