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I'm using ZoiPer 5 on Manjaro Linux.

I downloaded the .deb package and I put every directory in the correct system directory.

Then I launch the software, it works at perfection: it make calls and it receive calls but the voice and the mic doesn't functions.

When I try to set a device in the settings there's isn't any options, like there isn't device on my computer, but it is a laptop and all of the others software work perfectly.

What can I do?

Please help me, because I want to use it for work as soon as possible!

Thank you

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I have personally encounter similar issue on one of the unsupported linux distributions. Zoiper takes the audio devices from PulseAudio. In some cases the PulseAudio does not report them properly or is badly configured. Try opening the PulseAudio settings and try changing the default audio device, try switching it back and forward to the built in audio or the headset. Then go to Zoiper check if the device is listed, if it is. Try the arrow buttons to play the test tone. If it is not, try restarting Zoiper and see if the devices will appear.

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