Where are the Zoiper servers located?

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We have a UK number and call centre in Kiev Ukraine. We route the calls via ip to Kiev and we connect Zoiper to the PXB provider in Kiev.

Unless Zoiper has a data centre in Kiev it seems pointless routing the calls there right?

I'm thinking it must be better to contract a PBX provider in the same location as Zoiper data centre.

Please can I have some guidance on this. Maybe it would be better to have a PBX provider in the UK and have the people connect to Zoiper from Kiev to take the calls?



asked Aug 21, 2019 in General by AndrewMiles (120 points)  


Since we do not provide any SIP services, the location of your PBX does not matter. Zoiper is installed as an end-user application on the computer and connects directly to your PBX, without passing the streams through any servers. (Unless you are using the PUSH notifications on the mobile applications and the RTP proxy).

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