Person on the other end cannot hear me on outbound calls

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Everything is working normal except the other end cannot hear me when I place the outbound call. This is when using my mobile network as I have always since using the app. I tried the call connecting to a wifi network and it worked. If I receive the call they can hear me fine as well. The only issue is I am not being heard if I place an outbound call while connected to my mobile network. How do I resolve the issue. 

asked Aug 21 in General by Sumy820 (120 points)  

1 Answer

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I have the exact same issue. I hoped that there is s problem with the settings , but in the the Advanced Settings- Supported networks all options are checked.

It is not about speed because if I have another phone around and I make it a wi-fi hub and  connect the phone with zoiper installed to its wi-fi the other end can her me. 

I tend to believe that there is a software bug.  Zoiper if you are reading this please fix.

I am a paying customer, I have the GOLD package with additional audio codecs.

answered 5 days ago by bhlevca (140 points)  
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