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Under Windows 10, outgoing microphone works, but I hear no incoming tones or voice when connected using Freedome VPN. I do hear incoming tones and voice not using the VPN. Does anyone know of any settings in Zoiper or any VPN that might help?

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Please check the settings and try with and without RPORT and STUN for the account.

Zoiper is compatible with VPN, but it is possible that the VPN is confusing the server somehow.

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Using u-law:
I tried Use rport >TCP transport
I tried Force RFC-3264 > Use default STUN
Still "Connection Established" but no incoming sound (and perhaps no outgoing)

Should I be entering info under STUN options?

P.S. Everything works fine when using VyprVPN; but not with F-Secure Freedome VPN 

Later - I found the Enable STUN under Advanced > Network.
No sound when enabled
No sound when disabled.
All other settings are the default 


Please note that not all VPN software supports / allows VOIP data

Thank you, Katina. If my VPN does not allow VoIP, I will likely be OK without the voice encryption. I will be careful not to discuss sensitive information.

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