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As I had issues with my Windows desktop client, I tried to change many things. Stun server, auth user, protocol, firewall, microphone settings. But nothing helped.

As I heard the counterparty voice but the counterparty not me, I suggested that maybe it really is an audio problem. Therefore I disabled the wasapi option.

What is wasapi and why might it be a problem on Zoiper Windows for desktop client?

Thanks a lot!
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Microsoft has added a new privacy options that blocks some applications by default to use the microphone and even the headset for some applications, which leads to lack of audio. Please see this link:


Make sure that microphone access is enabled as shown on point #2.

This option needs to be set as per the screenshot or the microphone or the entire headset might not work in Zoiper.

The WASAPI is the the newer (Windows Audio Session API). WMME is the legacy one. Disabling this option returns you to the legacy. 

Thanks for your reply. These options were set :( Is there a way to debug the issue?

The option to disable the "Wasapi" was only in the old Zoiper3, such option does not exist in Zoiper5 and since we are not supporting Zoiper3 anymore, there isn't much we can do. I can only suggest that you try reinstalling all your audio drivers or try using Zoiper5.

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